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Our church directory is the easiest way to find and share contact information with others in our church community! Because it is a digital directory, you are able to update your information whenever necessary.


Your data is safe with us! There are two difference security check points before anyone can access our directory, and beyond that you have total control over the information you choose to share.

If you need help or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Step 1: Contact Form

Fill out the contact form for you and any additional family members in your household.


Step 2: Create Account

Create an account on the Church Center App or the Church Center website.


Step 3: Receive Invitation

You should receive an email invitation to gain access to the church directory within seven days. If it has been longer, please contact us!


Step 4: Share Information

Pick and choose what information you would like to share and update your information when necessary.

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